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Man Caves and She Sheds: The Perfect Place to Hunker Down

Man Caves and She Sheds

As we're riding the wave of stay at home orders, one thing has become abundantly clear among those of us who share a home with somebody (or maybe a few somebodies) - sometimes, you just need your own dang space. But where are you supposed to enjoy your own company without constantly bumping into your roommate, significant other, or children? Let us (re)introduce you to the man cave and its new acquaintance, the she shed.

The History of the Man Cave

Man caves, or sacred places that men devote to their hobbies and flat screen TV's, have been around for generations, though they were first dubbed "man caves" in the early 1990s. Located in the garage, refurbished basement, unused office, or spare bedroom, the man cave is usually the domain of the husband or father, where the man of the house could relax after a long workday. This is where the weekly poker nights took place or a group of friends could enjoy a beer while watching the game.

When you look past the stereotypical masculine commodities, what a man cave truly represents is self-expression. In a traditional home setting, women are the figureheads behind home style and decoration. For the most part, men are more than happy to step aside and let their significant others handle it. However, they still want to enjoy the sentimental possessions that occupied their bachelor pads. The pool table, sports memorabilia, full-sized bar - they all have a special place in the man cave.

Man Cave, Meet She Shed

Though women have made jokes and ridiculed the man cave throughout its lifetime, they have now begun to enjoy similar benefits for themselves in their very own she sheds. If you haven't already guessed, the she shed got its name from the many sheds that have been repurposed to provide a place of solace for women everywhere. Though she sheds aren't necessarily always sheds, not surprisingly they do tend to be a building or structure that's isolated from the rest of the house.

How to Make Your Own

Though most of us are stuck at home, let's be honest, we're never really alone. If you need a little peace and quiet from your loving family, the best thing you can do is to build your own mancave or she shed. Here are some of our ideas.

  1. Get a Room: First things first, you have to pick a room or structure to make your own. This step is fairly straightforward unless you live in a studio. We'll leave it up to you to decide which room, basement, storage area, or maybe large closet can be cleaned out and repurposed.
  2. Plan it Out: The whole point of having a man cave or a she shed is for it to revolve around your hobbies and interests. Therefore, your new project needs a theme to revolve around. After this is decided, everything else will fall into place.
  3. Paint it Over: When is the last time this room saw any maintenance? Before you can make this place your sanctuary, you may need to give it a fresh coat of paint and an area rug Spice it up and make it yours.
  4. Add the Necessities: No matter what kind of theme you have decided on, you will need a few necessities, namely furniture, wall art and lighting. Keep it simple and comfortable. Afterall, man caves and she sheds are about R & R.
  5. Refreshments & Entertainment: This is where you can truly have fun. If it were up to us, we'd bring in some blue tooth speakers to play our favorite music, a mini-fridge to keep the beer cold and of course, a Fizzics DraftPour to enjoy that beer just like it came straight from the tap.

Although we're all dealing with stay-at-home orders in different ways, we encourage all of our customers to stay home and stay safe. Let us bring the bar and the fun to you with a Fizzics beer dispenser.

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