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Gifts to Celebrate the World's Best Beer-Loving Dad on Father's Day

Father's Day

Your dad has been the unsung hero your entire life, always ready to give you the shirt off his back. Father's Day is the perfect time to show him just how much you appreciate him! We're not talking about a six pack of beer that probably won't last the day (although we don't know too many dads that'll turn down a cold one). We're talking about something that he'll be able to use for years to come and think of you every time he does.

A Growler for the Dad Who Loves the Outdoors

Is your dad an avid outdoorsman, camper, or tailgater? If so, he'll love having a growler of his favorite craft beer while exploring. Growlers have been around since the 1800s (who knew, right?), but they have recently gained a lot more popularity amongst craft beer enthusiasts. We've found... read more →

Man Caves and She Sheds: The Perfect Place to Hunker Down

Man Caves and She Sheds

As we're riding the wave of stay at home orders, one thing has become abundantly clear among those of us who share a home with somebody (or maybe a few somebodies) - sometimes, you just need your own dang space. But where are you supposed to enjoy your own company without constantly bumping into your roommate, significant other, or children? Let us (re)introduce you to the man cave and its new acquaintance, the she shed.

The History of the Man Cave

Man caves, or sacred places that men devote to their hobbies and flat screen TV's, have been around for generations, though they were first dubbed "man caves" in the early 1990s. Located in the garage, refurbished basement, unused office, or spare bedroom, the man cave is usually the domain of the husband or father, where the man of... read more →

4 Beers to Put a Smile on Mom's Face This Mother's Day

4 Beers for Mom This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so if you haven't found the perfect gift yet, we're here to help! We've compiled a short list of craft beers that you can't pass up on if your mom is a beer lover. In fact, combine it with the Fizzics DraftPour for that "fresh-off-the-tap" taste, and you got yourself the perfect gift. Guaranteed!

Materfamilias - Mother's Brewing Company (ABV: 11%)

Right off the bat, this beer makes a statement. The name itself, Materfamilias, means "female head of the house," which is a nod to the level of dedication and love every mom puts forth. Plus, it's extremely fitting for Mother's Day! This imperial stout pours dark and decadent with aromas of roasted malt, chocolate, and bourbon. The flavors open up to well-balanced notes of toffee, vanilla, chocolate, and... read more →

An A(beer)viated History of St. Patrick's Day

History of St. Patrick's Day

Just behind Mardi Gras and New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day is the third biggest drinking holiday in the United States. Irish or not, Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day with green clothing, green waterways, exciting parades, and an insatiable appetite for beer! Although we think of the holiday in this way, St. Patrick's original celebration did not have such extravagant parades or bright green accoutrements. Instead, it was (and still is) a Roman Catholic feast day in Ireland commemorating the death of the country's 5th-century patron saint.

So, how did these traditions we know so well — especially the part about the beer — become St. Patrick's Day staples in the U.S.? We at Fizzics wanted to know and thought you might be interested as well!

A Timeline (of Sorts)

The Man & The Missionary

Before we dive... read more →

Celebrate the Big Game This Year with Great Food and Super Beer

Super Beer

Celebrate the Big Game This Year with Great Food and Super Beer

The Big Game is upon us, and the teams are the San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Both sides played well throughout the season, with the 49ers going 13-3 and KC going 12-4. We are up for an evenly-matched game that is bound to be a nail biter. And, as excited as we are to sit down with friends and family and shout obscenities in anger and excitement at the television screen, we are equally as pumped to eat some great food and throw down more than a few beers in honor of this momentous celebration of American bravado!

Although this football game is a special time for all Americans and advertisers, it is also an excellent time to appreciate the fact that the people in Kansas City,... read more →

Getting Toasty & Festive With Winter Warmers & Holiday Ales

Holiday Ales

Getting Toasty & Festive With Winter Warmers & Holiday Ales

Every season has its beers, but it seems as if the end of the year shifts quickly from light summer brews to the ambers and pumpkin beers of autumn and then again, even quicker, in the winter to heavier, holiday selections and winter warmers. Although beers and ales have been brewed for countless generations, few beers are steeped in as much historical significance and lasting power than those we drink with gusto throughout the gloom and chill of wintertime.

First, a fun fact about winter: It’s cold and terrible. So cold and terrible, in fact, that the ancient Romans decided that the time of January and February should just be one sad, long dark time until the spring equinox made the world a better place again. After the Julian calendar and the... read more →

How to Plan Your Thanksgiving Dinner in Beers

Turkey & Beer

With the fall season in full swing, Thanksgiving dinner is nearly here. When we think about Thanksgiving — the brisk air, crunchy leaves, football games, and roasting turkeys only heighten our excitement for the season's best beverage: beer!

If you were thinking of wine as the best beverage...we're not angry, just disappointed.

Ever choose the wrong wine for the entree and have your guests stick their noses in the air, mutter in disgust — Oh, mon Dieu! — and shuffle out with their bowler hats and walking sticks clutched against their cravats? Well, we haven't had that experience, per se, but we assume that would be the reaction.

Fortunately for you, we're here to save you from that potential humiliation! Instead of trying to make those fermented grapes work for your turkey, why not trade them for fall beers? After all,... read more →

10 Ancient Buzzworthy Facts About Beer

Beer has been one of the most popular beverages since the very beginning of time, and Fizzics is here to offer you ten captivating facts on the history of beer! After learning about the centuries of beer delicacy, there's no way you'll pass up on the opportunity to revamp the way you drink beer with a Fizzics personal draft beer dispenser. Let's check them out!

1. Beer dates back to the earliest human civilizations.

Beer has been a part of humanity since the very beginning, even preceding the written language. Beer brewing and drinking was an essential component in ancient peoples' survival tactics and social lives.

2. Beer provided ancient peoples with nutrients.

Water was an untrustworthy drinking source during ancient times. It was polluted and unsafe to drink, so people drank beer because it was fermented and reliable to drink.

3.... read more →

Some Really Good Reasons Why Fall is Beer Season

The leaves are quickly changing outfits and falling. And, for some reason, many of us are really in the mood for a tasty brew. Of course, this could be a fact year-round for beerheads - but there seems to be a greater pull as the days cool down. But why is that the case? We at Fizzics wanted to know, so we found out. Lucky for you, right?

So let's begin at the beginning. Since the dawn of man...well, maybe not that far back - for centuries, beer has been a staple for most of modern civilization. In fact, it was safer to drink ale than the "fresh" water in Europe - circa 14th century - giving brewers around the world plenty of time to perfect their craft before the millennium.


One European nation helped shape the way we view fall and associate... read more →

Beer and Bureaucracy

With the spirit of Independence Day still alive the entire month of July, what better way of honoring the founding fathers than learning about their beer of choice. Fizzics is here to provide a brief timeline of the former presidents' beer shenanigans. Fizzics supports our fellow beer enthusiasts and urges all to savor in the delicacy of a nitro style beer from our draft beer dispenser called DraftPour, and its state-of-the-art Micro-Foam Technology.

Our Founding Fathers in Foam

Starting off our history lesson is George Washington. Good old George was said to enjoy English style porter and even brewed his own light ale on his plantation. Next up is the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was serious about homebrewing and created his famous recipes at his estate's brewery.

During James Madison's presidency, Madison proposed a government-run brewery, but Rutherford B.... read more →

Don't Fear the Foam: The Science Behind Why You Need Good Head

One of the quintessential components of a great beer is the perfect head. While perhaps it was a previously underrated and underestimated element of beer in decades and generations past, the foam that graciously adorns each and every beer adds to its flavor, aroma, and even visual appeal. You know how we know that? Science. Yep, that's correct — through science we've been able to ascertain that beer foam actually makes the beer taste better. Who would've guessed it?!

At Fizzics, science is precisely what we used when we developed our state-of-the-art technology we call Micro-Foam. Our DraftPour utilizes fluid dynamics and sonic technology, all patented and engineered by our experts to enhance every visceral sensation of the beer drinking experience. From the way it smells to its taste, the way it looks, its rich, creamy mouthfeel, and the way it know that... read more →

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