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Q: Is there a Fizzics Perfect Pour tutorial?

A: Yes! Check it out here.

Q: Can I replace the supplied tap handle on the DraftPour with a commercial tap handle?

A: The thread on the DraftPour tap handle is intentionally smaller than a commercial tap to discourage the use of large handles which can cause the machine to tip over and/or damage the faucet mechanism.

Q: Why does the foam last longer on some beers as compared to others?

A: Foam quality and retention will vary depending on beer style and brewery. For the very best results, tilt the glass at a 90-degree angle directly under the spout. Pull the handle toward you to dispense approximately 2/3 glass of beer. Release handle. Push handle BACKWARD for 1 second to dispense creamy Micro-Foam.

Q: Is there any way to make the Micro-Foam last longer?

A: Yes! While enjoying a Fizzics poured beer, swirl your glass and watch the Micro-Foam head reappear!

Q: What is the best way to clean my Fizzics machine?

A: Fill a tall clean glass or a washed-out beer bottle with warm water and place in the machine. Hold a separate glass under the spout and pull handle to run water through machine for 4-5 seconds. Let the machine dry off the base overnight.
Important: Do not allow beer residue to dry in the machine.

Q: I’m attempting to clean the machine, but water will not dispense.

A: If you’re attempting to clean the machine with a glass of water, and water will not dispense, try another glass. The one you’re using likely has a thick bottom which is blocking water from traveling up the draft tube.

Q: Do I need to clean the machine after every pour?

A: No. Running water through the machine after each pour is optional as long as beer doesn’t dry inside the machine.

Q: Why am I getting foam when I pull the handle forward?

A: Beers with higher levels of carbonation can create more foam than desired. For the very best results, open the can or bottle, and let the bubbles settle for 30 seconds before placing in the machine. Rinse glass out with cold water. Do not dry. Hold the glass at a 90-degree angle directly under the spout while pulling the handle to dispense beer. Note: The goal is to minimize the amount of “bad” foam in the glass during the initial pour. Release handle. Push handle BACKWARD for a half of one second to dispense creamy Micro-Foam. Beers with higher carbonation can be a challenge but you’ll be “pulling” perfect pours in no time!

Q: I’m pulling the handle but don’t hear anything (USB Power)

A: Make sure the machine is plugged into a wall outlet. If not working, if possible, test the machine with another standard USB adapter and/or cable. If this resolves the issue, contact us using the form below and we’ll ship a new USB adapter and cable.
Note: The USB adapter and cable do not charge the machine. The DraftPour will only operate if plugged in or batteries are inserted.

Q: I’m pulling the handle but don’t hear anything (Battery Power)

A: Make sure the batteries are fresh and inserted into the machine correctly. Fizzics machines will not work properly or will dispense very slowly with old batteries. If the machine will not operate with fresh batteries, check the battery contacts. If the battery contacts require cleaning, use a Q-Tip dipped in distilled white vinegar or lemon juice.

Q: I inserted the draft tube into the can or bottle, hear the pump running but no beer is being dispensed.

A: Fizzics machines dispense beer under pressure to push beer up the draft tube. No pressure, no beer. Turn the canister off the base and inspect the blue o-ring around the clear collar at the bottom of the canister. If the o-ring is twisted, adjust so it’s lying flat in the groove.

Q: I tried everything above, the pump is running but there is still no beer (or water) being dispensed.

A: Contact us at Support below so we can ship you a new o-ring

Q: Why does my Fizzics machine sometimes spit at the end of the pour?

A: Similar to a keg, our machines use pressure to dispense the beer. When the bottle or can (or glass during cleaning) is empty, the pressure can cause the machine to spit. As you use the machine more, you will get a feel for how much beer you can pour before stopping and adding micro-foam. A great “rule- of-thumb” is pouring 2/3 of a (16oz) glass, then adding Micro-Foam.

Q: Why is there sometimes beer left in my bottle or can after pouring a beer?

A: Due to the different thicknesses of glass bottles and the curvature of the bottom of cans, the length of the draft tube must be limited to accommodate as many cans and bottles as possible. If there’s any beer left in a can or bottle, add to your glass or swig it!

Q: Can I order a replacement part?

A: Yes, a list of parts and prices are listed here. All prices include Free Shipping. Fill out the Contact form below and let us know which part you need.

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